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Our clothes change with the beginning of a new season. Some people renew their clothes partly, and some people change their wardrobe fully, and some people use the clothes of a previous fashion season. But there are some things in our clothes, that are necessary for everyone. These things belong to trifles. But you must remember some tips buying them.

To prevent sliding of socks

Some people think, the best spring-summer socks are  100%-cotton knitworks. But elastan-containing socks are better, because they cover foot safely, do not crease, do not slide. The best composition  of good socks is 75% cotton, 20% polyamid, 5% elastan.

Socks should have a comfortable anatomic band. This band holds socks on foot. The best band should be wide and dual. Such a band functionate efficiently. And there is no sign on foot. Pay attention to a sufficient length of socks. This tip concerns men.

Choosing some colour you must remember one rule:  colour of man socks should meet colour of  a suit, but it should be lighter than colour of  footwear. It is much convenient to have three pairs of socks for a pair of footwear at least. A figure on socks is acceptable. But it should be small and plain: English square, company logotypes, points.

Certainly it is easy for women. There are not such strict rules for women, except for  ones, who like to wear a classic trouser suit. At the same time you can choose funny-coloured and various figured socks with jeans. Now you can buy the socks  with separate «cell» for every toe (they look like gloves). Such socks cost 10 — 15 UAH/pair. What about ordinary socks, they have ordinary price. You can buy  a pair of socks at 4 — 7 UAH.

It is useful to know

For men

If you would like to have a stylish look and have an image of a man with unsurpassed manners, pay attention to indicated  matching of colours. Namely:

  • A grey suit matches a white or light-pink or ivory shirt, some coloured tie, black shoes. Socks should have the same colour as the tie.
  • A dark-grey suit matches a white or ivory shirt, a grey-red-bordo tie, black or dark-brown shoes, grey  or bordo socks.
  • A dark-blue suit matches a white shirt, a white-red-blue tie, black shoes, dark-blue or dark-bordo socks.
  • A dark-green suit matches an ivory shirt, a red-green-brown tie, brown shoes,  brown socks.
  • A gravel suit matches  a light-blue shirt,  a dark-blue tie, light-brown shoes, light-blue socks.
  • A light-brown suit matches a white or pink or snuff-colour shirt, a green or bordo or red-black tie, coffee-coloured or red-brown shoes, bordo socks.
  • A dark-brown suit matches a white or beige or light-pink shirt, a green-brown or red-brown tie, brown shoes, coffee-coloured or bordo socks.
  • A black suit matches a white shirt, a silver-grey or red-black tie, black shoes, smoky or black or dark-violet socks.

For women
A theory asserts, that  mans socks can confide his temper. It is not necessary to perceive this theory too literally. But you may draw some conclusions. Under this theory:

  • Black socks are worn by men, who wash them once a month.
  • Grey or brown  are worn by conservatives.
  • White socks are liked by sportmen or businessmen of great pretensions (sometimes groundless) to exquisite style.
  • Bright coloured socks are prefered by men, who are calm in outward appearance, but fiery actually.
  • If  you see a man with funny-designed socks, you meen a playboy.

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